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  1. Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:12 am
    Message by mzazu - Re: Activate friends invitation message
    Admin/arthur wrote:Hello mzazu,

    Welcome on this forum, feel free to invite your facebook friends to participate!

    Thanks Smile None of my other friends have gliders though :'(
    As it seems you are very experienced with Gliders, I was just wondering whether you knew the answer to my question? I bought 2 apparently very tame 10 week old gliders from a breeder 6 days ago. One does indeed seem to be tame. However, the other seems quite aggressive. While it will be OK when out of the pouch at night, liking our fingers and walking around on us-as well as letting us pat her, she becomes extremely aggressive when I place my hand into her pouch-she crabs and bites so that my finger bleeds. She also bites when I pick her up from somewhere and she wants to stay there. Is this glider tame? The breeder had been handling them and removing them from the pouch since a very young age. Any advice would be very much appreciated Very Happy


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