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Things not to do.

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Things not to do.

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:18 pm

This is a list of things you should try not to do to your new suggi. Yes they may crab some and you immeadiately want to calm them down and not keep scaring them.

Don’ts in handling sugar gliders:
1) Do not chase your glider around the inside of the cage.
2) Do not grab your suggie or press the glider up against the side of the cage in trying to pick your sugar glider up.
3) At first do not reach over the top of your glider to pick them up.
4) Do not laugh at your glider loudly or talk loudly around them, or yell at them or raise your voice at your baby suggie.
5) Do not chase your glider if they get loose outside of the cage unless they are headed toward life threatening danger.
6) Do not use any electrical appliance on the inside of the cage such as a heat rock or a heat lamp. The glider can chew the cord and get an electric shock.
7) Do not let your suggie play with any other animal species.
Cool Do not let children play or grab your glider. Only let kids interact with the glider after it has calmed down and/or bonded with an adult first.
9) Do not take your suggie outside until it has become familiar with you and only then in a zippered carry pouch.
10) Do not have friends over to see your new pet, as to many new faces and hands reaching for him/her will just scare your baby.
11) Do not bother your baby every five minutes because he/she is so cute you just have to look at the baby. Get your glider on a routine and stick to it.
12) DO NOT stick your thumb, finger or any object in your gliders mouth to stop them from biting. You could seriously injure your baby.
13) DO NOT press as hard as you can to try and stop the baby from crabbing or biting through your bonding pouch, sleeping pouch or carry pouch. The baby sugar glider is just scared and you could break the gliders spine or kill him/her because they are small and can be fragile at a young age.
14) Don’t be scared of your baby. Be very calm!!
15) Don’t make jerky or sudden movements with your hands.
16) Don’t jump or yell if you get bit.
17) Try not to put your glider in the position of biting you. Don’t push him/her so they have to protect themselves by lunging and biting your finger or hand.
18) Recognize when your glider may nip or bite and avoid doing the things that will cause your baby to bite. Do not take the bite.
19) Try not to scare your glider into crabbing at you, move slow enough that you don’t scare the baby. He/she will probably crab at the beginning of bonding but learn what makes him/her crab and try to avoid in making them crab. You want everything to be non threatening and calm when you interact with your new pet suggie.
20) When approaching a sugar glider at night when they are awake, do not move forward if your glider crabs, raises his/her hands or runs away from you. Just stop and be still until your baby relaxes.
21) Don’t take a wild scared sugar glider out of their cage for playtime. Wait until the suggie is use to you being around or until you can approach them at night and they aren’t scared. The best way is to wait until they make the first move by coming toward you at night, this shows that they are starting to be interested in you and are not scared and running from you, but are curious about you.
22) Do Not pick your glider up by the head or by putting your hand around the gliders neck. Try to scoop them up or let them sort of walk up on your hand as you slide your hand underneath them from the front, raising your hand up as they are climbing up and sliding your hand toward their rear end.
23) Don’t use a suggie leash to keep your baby on you. It can damage their gliding membrane.
24) Don’t pick your sugar glider by the tail, you can dislocate the bones in it or break it.
Written by daddyglider/Art
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