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Momma Duchess with babies.

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Momma Duchess with babies.

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:13 am

Sugar glider momma with baby bumps. Duchess babies are still in pouch and haven't started to hang out yet.

Sugar Glider Duchess has her baby(s) starting to hang out at different times for cleaning. Moms usually like to lay in a reclining position as babies move around and pop out from time to time.

Duchess baby is getting closer to detaching from moms teat. The sugar glider is almost getting too big to fit back in moms pouch. Sometimes moms get so big that they have to arch up when they walk so their tummy doesn't drag on the bottom.

The Sugar Glider baby now has fur and maybe left in the nest at this age. Dad will baby sit and keep baby warm and protect them. Both parents will eventually leave baby in nest, especially if they are trusting of their environment. Not for too long though. And both mom and dad sugar glider will check on baby from time to time.

Sugar Glider babies are now old enough to stay a lone in nest for a longer time at night. They still cling to mom or dad if taken out in daytime for treats, but as they get use to humans they will calming start crawling on our arm or hands without skunking or getting scared and calling or crying for mom.

Having Sugar Glider scent blankets helps the babies to be secure and comfortable in their nest. It also allows handling  babies without scaring them.

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