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Video of Pin Head and Joe Joe doing various behaviors on me.

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Video of Pin Head and Joe Joe doing various behaviors on me.

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:02 pm

We did these two videos back on Jan 2007.
We were trying to get Pin Head to latch on while marking/scenting a human,me. So that I could show a technique that I use to teach or train them to mark/scent but don't bite. I use negative and positive reinforcement to get them to do good behavior and to discourage bad behavior. Kay Kay's story of dancing says how well it does work once you get through the first dance and can start working on dancing but not nipping/biting.
There are a few different behaviors that are described here:
Pin Head the sugar glider does a head rub to his mate.
He does a slight cat rub on my neck. The cat rub in a cage can look like a cat that is rubbing against the side of a tree, they also can drag one leg behind them. But start walking or running normal once they are done.
He does a sqwaggle dance and the nipping over and over to get a hold to dance. A side to side motion of his behind.
Another sugar glider behavior that he does is the belly rub, kind of like a wave motion. The chest rub is also one he does.
Pin head is a fixed male and these behaviors are done by neutered males, intact males, and also female sugar gliders.

First video of sugar glider behavior of scenting and marking.

Second video of fixed male sugar glider and mate doing marking and scenting behavior. Also some nipping and or biting behavior as he starts to dance.

Written by:
Arthur Gibbons

The link to the definitions were written and described with sounds almost a decade ago.

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