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Facts about sugar gliders.

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Facts about sugar gliders.

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:12 pm

Fact’s about Suggies:
1) Sugar gliders are high maintenance pets compared to other small animals.
2) they require a companion of their own species as they are colony animals.
3) Suggies can and do bite if scared. They also groom, nip, as they do to another suggie. They also communicate what they want through nips to their human parents.
4) Since gliders nip, groom and bite they are NOT a good pet for children. They can be a family pet if the PARENTS take full responsibility for the care, and welfare of the gliders.
5) They should have a vet check once a year as with other animals to make sure they are healthy. It should be with an exotic vet, but if one is not available a fecal test can be done by any vet.
6) Sugar gliders will and do use us humans as their toilet. They pee and poop on your shoulder or on your hand, usually after they just wake up. They also can scent mark us humans as belonging to their family group.
7) Sugar Gliders need a diet that is widely varied. They need protein, veggies, fruit, and some type of vitamins and calcium. The controversy comes in where how much vit and cal supplement is needed.
Cool Suggies need interaction with humans to become tame, they usually don’t come a ready made pet like a cat or dog that you can play with the first day you bring it home. They have to trust you and be tamed or bonded to. There is different degrees of trust or bonded which depends on how much time the breeder has spent with the baby suggie and their parents.
9) The babies are not fully weaned until 10-12 weeks old or what we breeders call out of pouch(oop date).
10) They need a large cage to play in when they are not with their human companions. At least 3-4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The taller the cage the better for climbing and exercise. They also need a safe exercise wheel, pouches or nest box to sleep in, and enrichment toys in their habitat. Also at least one water bottle if not two bottles so one is a back up. Young sugar gliders need a water dish as they lap up their food first, then as they get older they pick it up to eat it. Babies also eat food out of their parents mouths.
11) After they have started to bond or calm down and trust their human parents, they should have out of cage play time at night. I personally don’t like to take a scared glider out of their home and put them in a tent or glider proofed room to play until they have some trust or bond with new owners. It just would scare them more when you have to chase and catch them after play time. Also if the glider is still scared in their cage and scared of you, then you are stressing and scaring them more by making them interact with you in a strange environment.
12) Sugar Gliders are aboreal animals which means that they like to be high up in the tree tops.
Written by daddyglider/Art
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