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Jester grooming human daddy

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Jester grooming human daddy

Post by Admin/arthur on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:00 am

Jester is a WFB Leu het sugar glider that loves to lick on my neck, arms, under my shirt. He use to lick, lick, nip. The same thing that I named the tootsie pop lick that is in behaviors. I taught or trained him to only lick and not to nip. The nip or pinch he did was like he pulled a piece of skin(on arm) like up and groomed. At times it was like a dog that bites or nips for fleas. It is a loving or acceptance into his colony or family and not a scared or aggressive nip, bite, pinch.
We usually do our daily time in the morning but this video is after dark and he is very interested in camera or the light on top. He does lick me on the neck but not as much as he usually does. He can kiss and groom one area and a few seconds or minutes later he will go over the same spot. He is such a lover...I haven't ever seen a sugar glider scape their teeth on me anywhere, it is always a pinch or moving my finger or hand if in their nest or pouch. So they can sleep under or near my hand.

Written by Art Gibbons


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