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Bonding with a pouch

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Bonding with a pouch

Post by Admin/arthur on Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:58 am

This is an order of some pics of pouch bonding a sugar glider. From holding a pouch on your chest or lap up to feeding a glider a treat on your shoulder. First up is sugar glider(s) in a pouch being comfortable and looking out.

Second is a glider coming to the top of the pouch to get a treat and getting use to a hand being above or in the bonding pouch.

Then having hand in the pouch around or near the sugar glider.Photos later date.

Then after the sugar glider is use to being held in the pouch. You can then try to bring the glider up on to your chest and let them sleep while looking up at you. If they get squirmy then allow them to go back into pocket or pouch. But follow them in with your hand and lay near or over them so they get use to your hand and will feel secure under or around it. You can open your hand up a little and see if baby will be relaxed sitting on your chest or in your hand which can also be your next step.

Next is getting sugar glider to sit in an open hand and can give treats as you cup them on your chest or as they sit in your hand. It doesn't happen over night and takes practice and experience to know when the glider has had enough of day light handling/bonding/training. Notice in some pics that the sugar glider is also holding on to me for security and balance with baby sugar gliders.

After they are comfortable being handled and you can walk around with them in cupped hand(s) you can feed them treat on your shoulder or arm as they hang out with you.

If they get a little scared or too hyper active you can lead them under your shirt or if calm let them climb around on you. You have to be aware at ALL times of what they are doing and their behavior.

For more info on hand in pouch bonding go to Parental Bonding. It has a few different ways to have your hand around your sugar glider or near the baby at first.
You don't have to use the verbal discipline or the slight pressure to use this bonding method.

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