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Miss Butters and Wendy.

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Miss Butters and Wendy.

Post by Admin/arthur on Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:08 am

When ever I take Butters and Wendy out and have them in a pocket t-shirt pouch it is an adventure. These girls demand my attention and treats. If I make any noise with a bag of people food they are right there begging cause they know dad eats special yummy food. If out in public they will climb out and down my arm trying to still a piece of people food. In the video they are getting a bite of a sandwich and even take some out of my mouth. They really look at me as a part of their sugar glider colony/family and they are very calm and sweet suggies.

[URL= video by daddyglider/?action=view┬Ąt=Dinnerfor31-6-11.mp4][/URL][img][/img]

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