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Territorial Crabbing

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Territorial Crabbing

Post by Admin/arthur on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:35 am

A sound video of two sugar gliders trying to attack through the cage bars. Their cages are about 6 inches apart and they don't do this all the time, just at certain times. They have even tore a hole in the cage covers to try and get at each other. At the end of video you hear a short kind of choppy crab and if you could see the sugar gliders they would be shadowing the rival male and lunging at him through the bars of the cage. This is not a scared crabbing sound but a territorial sound to a rival sugar glider that wants him away from his female and/or his family with babies. If you have a sugar glider baby or parent that runs across the cage and does this behavior to you. You may want to try parental/dominant bonding with a very loving touch. He is trying to be the alpha and doesn't want you around him/her or their family. It is the hardest behavior to overcome and get them to trust andc accept you into their family/colony.

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