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Thanks for having me! :o)

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Thanks for having me! :o)

Post by SGSS on Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:00 pm

Hello my name is Becka and I started the Sugar Glider Society of Sarasota here in Florida. It is an outreach program for my local community in regards to Sugar Gliders. A lot of people look for some place to get good information and I want to be able to meet up with people who want to get more directed help.

I own 2 male Sugar Gliders Craig and Quincy, 2 dogs Elmer & Nala (Nala is now a certified Therapy Dog!), 3 Guinea Pigs Baby, Cutie Pie and Piglet, 1 kitten Luna.

I am so happy Art and Paulette started this forum. It is really refreshing and I have so much respect for them. They are really great people.

-Becka I love you


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