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Peanut needing scent.

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Peanut needing scent.

Post by Admin/arthur on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:49 pm

When we went to South Carolina to a show I had Miss Butters and her joeys that were about a week oop on me and Paulette had Peanut on her for the day. We showed people Peanut and Miss Butters and babies at various times during the day. After we got back to the motel Butters came out for a break from her babies and Peanut(she is Butters mom) went in my tee-shirt pocket pouch to baby sit the babies. The babies crabbed and the babies did a momma squawk for Miss Butters. Peanut came running out of the pouch and went under Butters behind like to stimulate her to pee and she got some smell(pee) on her head and then went back in pouch with the babies. The babies then accepted her and made a little mom call to Peanut and crawled all over her. The babies eyes were not open yet. Peanut must have had strange smell on her from being petted by so many different people and I think the babies didn’t recognize her. The amazing thing is that peanut recognized this and went and got moms smell on her so the babies would accept her and realize that she is part of the family. The first time the babies came out of pouch about a week earlier we were in Orlando and I had Butters and Paulette had Peanut and the second baby came oop as I had them at the show. When we got home we put them in their nest box and immediately Peanut grabbed both babies(like a grandma hugging new child for first time) and pulled them on to her tummy and started washing and hugging the babies. She had not seen one of the babies as it came out during the day. This is two examples how important that scent is to sugar gliders and as early as possible so that you are recognized as part of the family(colony).
Written By:
Arthur Gibbons
New Age Sugar Gliders
Pics are of Miss Butters babies in pocket pouch t-shirt.


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