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Peanut protecting

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Peanut protecting

Post by Admin/arthur on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:43 pm

General info:
CAUTION: Always wash your hands with soap and water before and after you handle your sugar glider. EXAMPLE: I had Peanut my http://extremely tame bonded glider at an animal show and she bit a chunk of skin off my little finger, and it was my fault, I took out a six month old male glider for a customer to look at, after I put him back a mother and child came up to the table and asked to see Peanut and her one week oop babies. I said sure and put my hand in her carry pouch and she latched on to my finger. She finally let go and I headed to the bathroom with a bloody finger(it poured blood). I was not mad just could not understand what I did wrong(the sugar gliders don’t bite without a reason). I finally realized I had the smell of a rival male on my finger, which would be a threat to her new born oop babies. Peanut never bit me before like that or since then. I think it was protecting her babies from a possible threat. She also was probably sound a sleep and being startled with a strange smell. After I washed up she was in/out of her pouch about ten to fifteen times(at least) that day, letting people pet her on the head and back(not near the babies) and laying on her back for the people to see her babies. We had no more incidents like that during that day or any day since, but I make sure I wash up after handling another animal and before Peanut comes out to perform. If glider smells something it doesn’t like it could nip or taste nip you. Also wash when going from species to species of animals, reptiles, and/or birds.

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