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Baby and baby and mom

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Baby and baby and mom

Post by Admin/arthur on Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:03 pm

This is a video of a baby that is more use to me and can be handled away from it's parents without scaring it. She makes a whispery happy sound in one of the videos. The other video has the parent sugar glider and both babies eating favorite treats and hanging out with their human daddy. Tamberine and Raleigh have traveled out in public while in a pocket pouch t-shirt with daddyglider. Hope you enjoy the videos and please do the best in bonding/trainig/taming your baby. Think of what you are doing and how you would feel if you get scared, if they get scared try and calm them down immeadiately and make them feel secure. It is truly about what is best for them and they will respond to kindness and a loving human family member.


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