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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Post by Mick72 on Tue May 14, 2013 3:58 pm

My name is Norma and I live in Illinois. I have two children my daughter is 14 and my soon is 21. We have quite a few pets at our house. My son has a skinny pig, guinea pig, hedge hog, tarantula and two bunnys, he has had his bunny for eight years. My daughter has fish and shared custody of one of my four gliders. The shared custody story is a little long but I will try and sum it up. I purchased a single glider for her for her birthday and not being very educated on them before I did so. We got Starbuck from a pet store which said he was 12 weeks old (no linage) soon after we brought him home (his cage was in my daughters room) he started barking a lot at night as I researched I quickly learned he was lonely so still not being very educated (but trying) we got Mick from Craigs List which is a whole other story. The lady had a cage full of gliders and two were joeys which I wanted a joey so they would be close in age. They were not handled so they were a little wild she finally grabs a joey stuffs it in a pouch and off we go. I get home with the little one and Im feeding her some meal worms and I noticed her back foot is all dried up like the circulation had been cut off. I call the lady and she says bring her back that she didn't know about this and she would give me the other joey, which I went back gave her Mick and took the other joey. Well, needless to say in just the short time of two days with Mick I had got a little attached and she had a really sweet personality not a big crabber for such a scared baby. I'm at work and all I can think about is the poor little glider with the bad leg and I knew the lady was not going to take her to the vet and no one was going to buy her in that condition so I call the lady which she probably thinks Im crazy at this point and tell her I want the original glider back and we go get Mick took her to the vet and had to have her leg amputated. She made a full recovery and can do most anything any other glider can. The lady had taken the gliders from a friend to sell they were in a big cage and it was clean but she was not educated on gliders either and had a metal wheel in the cage and that's what I assume happened to Mick's foot or a string from a pouch because the pouch she gave me was not double lined. Also she told us Mick was a boy and that's how our girl ended up with that name! Well, my daughter soon ran out of extra time for the gliders with school, band and cheerleading so they quickly became my gliders and she had shared custody. lol I soon came down with the biggest case of glideritis know to man! I had Starbuck neutered and after a long intro process Mick and Starbuck happily live together. With tons and tons of research and trying many diets and building a 6 ft by 6ft PVC cage I finally have happy suggies and they were more than patient through our learning process. Almost a year latter I decided to add to our little family of fur babies and got our latest additions from a breeder, Two girls Olivia & Sophia and they are almost four months old. We are still in the bonding process but all is going well and hopefully someday in the future they can all live together. Well, that is my long story of how I came into the wonderful world of sugar gliders. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here.


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