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Mr. Buddy the sugar glider

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Mr. Buddy the sugar glider

Post by Admin/arthur on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:21 pm

We take Buddy on shopping adventures during the night, pre dawn hopurs, and during the day light hours. He loves to hang out and once in awhile he comes out to see what is going on. You should always try keeping your sugar glider on you at home before ever attempting to go out in public day or night. A zipered pouch or a Pocket pouch T-Shirt with a built in zipper is your safest way of travel outside.

Buddy first climbed out of pocket(had pouch un-zipped) and peeked out under my sweatshirt. By the time we got camera out for a few pics he climbed up and peeked out top of shirt.

Next he climbed out a little more to check some cookies out.We would never feed him human cookies.

Then he went back in pocket. Later shopping he came up to look around.
We were in the cereal isle

Then he came out to inspect the fruit we picked out for him and all his friends.


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