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A Sugar Glider named Mr. Buddy and his outside adventures.

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A Sugar Glider named Mr. Buddy and his outside adventures.

Post by Admin/arthur on Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:44 am

Buddy the Sugar Glider is very laid back and bonded to me. We walk around at night in a glider proofed room before we ever ventured out in the house and started during the day and then went on to night time adventures and bonding/handling time.

Here is Buddy sleeping with me during the daytime.

Mr. Buddy during daytime training.

Buddy being hand fed and bonding and being handled and picked up many different ways.

More handling ans bonding of Buddy and paying close attention to how he reacts when on me whether night or day time.

Watching Buddy to see that he is comfortable enough to eat his favorite while sitting on my arm or hand.

Also that the sugar glider Buddy trusts me enough to reach in his sleeping pouch or carry pouch. He comes to top to greet my hand and get a treat.

After alot of time carrying Buddy and handling and picking up do we move to next training. Also only when he shows that I can trust him inside my house many, many times do we then move outside during daylight first. Then we move to night time adventures, after many of those walks we have started to let him play in a tree.

Arthur Gibbons
NOT responsible if you try ANY of above things with your Sugar Glider and that "You think your glider is bonded". Don't think but test them many times first if you go outside with them.

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